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The Bull Calf 5.2
Editors' Note
Book reviewing is (or, at least, should be) a space for dialogue: continuing discourses, anticipating new discussions, and revisiting the past debates that have shaped our present. The Bull Calf has always striven to facilitate that work by offering in-depth and accessible reviews that reach and speak to a variety of readers. Our current issue of The Bull Calf offers a range of reviews that participate in these dialogues. Range is sometimes itself the topic of discussion in our reviews, as in Nick Bradley’s thoughtful review of works by Gregory Betts and Robert Lecker; Bradley offers an intricate reflection on canon formation and the diversity of Canadian literature. Accompanying Bradley’s review are numerous other excellent reviews that survey some of the recent fiction and poetry published in Canada. Some of the writers reviewed in this issue have a long history in Canadian literature: Patrick Lane, Dionne Brand, and David Zieroth. Many, however, represent recent rising stars (such as Emma Donoghue and Sandy Pool) or relative newcomers (Alex Leslie and Anna Leventhal).

Since its inception, we have imagined The Bull Calf as an eclectic journal that offers more than just the standard review, and so, as The Bull Calf concludes its fifth volume of reviews, we want to encourage our audience and contributors to consider some of the following submissions:

·      “Retrospective Reviews”: do a review of any book published before 2000

·      “Group Reviews” (of new or older books): gather two or three people together and do a review together that takes the form of a discussion

·      “Chapbook Reviews”: review chapbooks published by any of the excellent chapbook presses in Canada

·      “Review Articles”: do an extended review (of one book or multiple books) that taps into a broader topic of interest to you

·      “Author Interviews”: talk to authors, and let us share those conversations with our readers

The Bull Calf is open to diverse conversations about Canadian literature through literary reviews and interviews. If any of these unconventional or conventional approaches to reviewing interest you, then please get in touch. 

In the meantime, enjoy our new issue. 

Welcome to The Bull Calf 5.2.


Jeff and Kait

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