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The Bull Calf 2.3
Editors' Note

Issue 2.3 marks the end of our second year as a scholarly journal dedicated to reviews of and criticism about Canadian literature. Since we began this review journal in 2010, we have witnessed a significant growth in the quality and presence of online discussions about Canadian literature (see, for example, this recent article from The Globe and Mail). We are thrilled to be a part of these important discussions, which speak both to the strength of Canadian literature and to the critical potency of its audience. As well, we are humbled by the encouraging responses to our issues that we have received over the past two years. Such reception guarantees many more years of our dialogue with the online public. 

This issue offers an eclectic mix of poets who began their writing careers in the 1960s and 1970s, such as Don Gutteridge, Barry McKinnon and Guy Vanderhaeghe, and new voices like Riel Nason and Darren Bifford. We’re also pleased to feature Dr. Alison Calder’s excellent review of Colin Hill’s long-anticipated Modern Realism in English-Canadian Fiction, which together introduce some wonderful new questions about a period of Canadian literary history in need of serious re-evaluation.

Over the past year or so, we’ve lost a number of major Canadian voices: Gary Hyland, Robert Kroetsch, Andrew Suknaski, and Jay Macpherson. In our last issue we paid tribute to Suknaski; in this one, Andrea Gyenge reflects on Macpherson (1931 - 2012), a difficult, powerful, and valuable poet.

We’d also like to announce a future issue of The Bull Calf that will be dedicated to “Reviewing Women Writing in Canada.” We invite any and all reviewers or authors to contact us if they wish to partake in this special issue of The Bull Calf, to be released in the upcoming year.

Welcome to The Bull Calf 2.3.


J.A. Weingarten & Kait Pinder

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