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The Bull Calf 1.3
Editors' Note

As Reingard M. Nischik writes in Engendering Genre: The Works of Margaret Atwood (reviewed in this issue by Dr. Nathalie Cooke), Margaret Atwood is “Canada’s leading writer” (2). With a career that spans as many genres as it does decades, it is difficult to imagine a Canadian writer with more cultural currency than Atwood. In that regard, September 2011 heralds The Bull Calf’s “Atwood Issue." Although we've included reviews of various texts, Atwood's work figures centrally: Rachel Graf reviews Atwood’s Year of the Flood, several others reread Atwood’s classic texts, and our group review features Murder in the Dark. In an era where even our most popular Canadian authors are apparently unrecognizable to some, The Bull Calf wishes to pay tribute to one writer whose provocative corpus continues to inspire readers' excitement and foster innovative theories of art and culture. 

As well, this issue of The Bull Calf marks the end of our first year in operation. We have been excited about our published reviews and the future of our journal sustains such feelings. Everyone at The Bull Calf offers their thanks to the excellent group of reviewers and editors whose careful contributions have made this journal an increasingly popular forum for scholarly work. We’re already looking forward to our 2012 issues and welcome new and old reviewers. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to The Bull Calf.

And, for obvious reasons, this issue is dedicated to Rob and Doug Ford. 

Welcome to The Bull Calf 1.3.


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J.A. Weingarten 

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