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The Bull Calf 1.1

Welcome to the launch issue of The Bull Calf, a new and innovative journal dedicated to scholarly reviews of fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. Our journal is published tri-annually: January 1, May 1, September 1. We are pleased to be releasing our first issue today, on January 1, 2011.

We started this journal in order to provide accessible online reviews for the Canadian reading public. Furthermore, we hope to introduce original ways of reviewing and of reading, so that The Bull Calf can offer something new to both readers and reviewers. In that vein, we feature five sections per issue: Fiction Reviews, Poetry Reviews, Literary Criticism Reviews, Retrospective Reviews, and, when available, Group Reviews. They are characterized as follows:

    * Our "Fiction" and "Poetry" sections offer straightforward reviews of the most recent literature released in Canada, with an emphasis on Canadian writers.

    * The "Literary Criticism" section reviews scholarly studies of predominantly Canadian literature, though we are open to reviews of criticism concerning other literatures.

    * "Retrospective Reviews" offer contemporary critics the opportunity to review texts from other eras and literary periods. We created this section so that reviewers can approach classic texts, such as Sinclair Ross's As For Me and My House (1941) or Margaret Laurence's The Diviners (1974), for the first time and still be able to contribute somewhat casually to scholarly debates. We hope, too, that this section will appeal to graduate students completing comprehensive exams. In this issue, Kait Pinder reviews Raymond Knister’s White Narcissus (1929).

    * The "Group Review" critiques one or two publications through the discussions of two or three scholars. Such a structure affords readers the opportunity to consider the reviewed text with regard to the conflicts, disagreements, or unanimous decisions on the part of multiple reviewers.

     * A soon-to-be added section will be “Dissertation Abstracts,” in which recent Ph.D. graduates or near-finished Ph.D. students can write a 500wd. abstract on their thesis, so that they can promote their area of specialty on our site.

It is our hope that this journal will provide helpful and engaging reviews, while improving on the standard reviewing process.

We encourage any and all independent or affiliated scholars to contact us with requests for review; please be sure to include a writing sample and a mailing address. We do, as well, accept reviews of French texts—the review, too, may be submitted in French. We will always try our best to accommodate requests, but if specific texts cannot be obtained, then we will provide an alternative text if desired.

Lastly, we want to offer our most sincere gratitude to those publishers who provided the reviewed texts and to those who will read this issue. A special thanks, too, to Dave Knox for designing our logo. The reviews in this issue come from an impressive group of graduate students and professors; we would like to thank all those who very generously agreed to contribute to our first issue.

Welcome to The Bull Calf.


Kait Pinder

J. A. Weingarten

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