Submitting literary works to critical reviews is the best way for poets to improve their craft. Reviews of poetry ensure that works are engaging and answer a higher calling. They also ensure that the poem is to a standard that meets the school curriculum.

But, finding a quality editorial review is often tricky, especially when starting as a young or new poet. Many websites and journals in Canada that help poets facing this struggle. Here are a few notable examples.

Literary Review of Canada

This organization seeks to curate an organic journal of ideas. An open platform encourages writers and illustrators to pitch their creative ideas on various themes. It’s the best place for young talented poets to start because they review unpublished works.

To submit, email a copy of your poem following the simple instructions on the website. They both open and themed submission dates and help authors enter various contests and get published.

Eric Barstad established the site in 2006 with the hope of proving professional reviews of Canadian poetry. Since then, the website has delivered over 120 reviews on poetry books and chapbooks authored by Canadians. It mostly works on published works and has a staff of 41 reviewers.

This site also shines a spotlight on the best poetry contests and communities. It’s a treasure trove of information for every upcoming poet.

Canadian Poetry Review

This publication began as part of the Pacific Rim Book Reviews. It now has a life of its own through the efforts of the editor, Richard Olafson and the rest of his editorial team. Now it is an independent publication that offers reviews of new and old poetry.

The Canadian Poetry Review is published six times each year. This offers you critical reviews of poetry that are both analytical and thoughtful in their execution. You can subscribe to this journal for inspiration and enlightenment or submit your work for consideration.