Poetry is tremendously challenging. So, it’s not just about the spoken words. It also entails experiences and diverse voices for people to hear. Hence, as a poet, you need also to learn how to review poems so that people can get insights in various ways.

Therefore, here are helpful steps to help you review poetry.

Reading Poems

It is vital to read poems aloud before reading them for the second time. Always feel free to record the lines on a video. From there, you can analyze the impression and responses. Do not forget to focus on the rhythm and structure of every poem you read.

Evaluating a Title

Another thing that you need to focus on is to choose a good title. A perfect one will relate to a poem. It should also provide a clue regarding the piece in the poetry book. You may also choose a title that opposes your poem or works ironically.

Understanding Speakers of a Poem

Understanding and knowing more about speakers is an excellent way of making poems tangible. This means that the people who will read the review will imagine and understand the language used by the speaker. When handling your reviews of poetry, also remember to concentrate on some questions, such as the following:

  • Is the speaker detached or attached to the subject?
  • What is the audience that the speaker is addressing?
  • Who is narrating the poem?
  • Does the poetry book provide clues about the personality, age, and gender, of the speaker?

Choosing a Perfect Theme

Once you handle all the three steps, it would be high time to select the theme of the reviews. A good theme can relate to the conflict, issue, or truth outlined in the poem.


Reviewing a poetry book is a good thing. It makes things easy for readers. So, when you decide to review a poem or poetry book, consider these helpful steps.