Reviewing some poetry books is basically a debatable subject. Now that it is a new year, there are current reviews about poetry books. So, it means poetry fanatics can read books that can motivate them in various ways.

Here are some of the poetry books that have current and good reviews.

The Tradition

This poetry book draws the language of flowers and myths. The writer, Jericho Brown, is trying to dismantle, extol, enlarge, and challenge the tradition. The book has elegy and love poems that connect different traditional lyrics, such as museum paintings. This writer is also deploying traditional forms to come up with the most memorable and starkest critiques.


The writer, Andrea Cohen, writes unfashionable and aphoristic poems that can easily be quoted. The praise terms that Cohen uses makes him sound as the emergency exit. So, this is a writing that focuses on the long journey to different and unfamiliar destinations.

Invasive Species

This poetry book was written by a writer called Marwa Helal. The volume in this book portrays her powers and justified anger. She has written it in an Arabic style. This means that the lines ought to be read from right heading to the left direction. The title of this book basically touches on the biological perception of the invasive species.


The poetry book is written by an amazing poet called Sally Wen Mao. The writer represents the lines in imaginative, neon, and stunning language. It is anchored in the cultural and historical questions of exclusion, representation, or inclusion. The cleverness that Mao demonstrates in the book is a clear indication the writer has a gift of connecting different spectacles using digital technology.


Of course, many current reviews focus on poetry books. These books have not only good lines but also have educative pieces. So, if you are a poetry fanatic, then these are the right books to read.