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 "The thing could barely stand. Yet taken
  from his mother and the barn smells
  he still impressed with his pride,
  with the promise of sovereignty in the way
  his head moved to take us in.
  The fierce sunlight tugging the maize from the ground
  licked at his shapely flanks.
  He was too young for all that pride." - Irving Layton, "The Bull Calf"

Kait Pinder and J. A. (Jeff) Weingarten first conceived of The Bull Calf in fall 2010, while they consumed their afternoon coffee on the lower field at McGill University. Kait’s casual suggestion, “why don’t we start a journal,” sparked their mutual desire to make something stand. Both editors imagined The Bull Calf as an accessible, academic, and diverse tri-annual collection of reviews and retrospectives. Since that time, Kait and Jeff have enlisted the help of several skilled and generous editors: Laura Cameron, Claudine Gelinas-Faucher, and Michèle Rackham Hall.  

Dedicated to scholarly reviews of both French and English Canadian fiction, poetry, and literary criticism, The Bull Calf is continuously in search of strong reviewers, writers looking to be reviewed, and talented editors. Please see the "Contact Us" section or email one of the managing editors (listed below) if you wish to review for, propose your text for review in, or help edit our journal.

Submission Guidelines

Reviews must be submitted electronically to

Fiction and poetry reviews must be in .doc or .docx format, and between 500 and 800wds. Reviews of literary criticism should be between 800 and 1200wds. Group Reviews may be between 1200 and 2000wds. All reviews should be accompanied by a 75wd. biographical statement and the author's picture. Please use MLA citation methods for all quotations and avoid using extensive block quotations. Please do not title your review, but use this template at the beginning of your review:

Reviewed by Allan Hepburn

David Bergen
The Matter with Morris
. HarperCollins, 2010.                                   256 pp.

Do not include any footnotes or endnotes in your review.

The Bull Calf editors reserve the right to make minor edits to reviews without consultation and to request resubmission if the review has been insufficiently edited before its initial submission. We request that reviews be submitted in the language of the reviewed text; we accept both English and French reviews.

For further information, please contact either of the Managing Editors:

J.A. (Jeff) Weingarten

Kait Pinder             


Managing Editors

J. A. Weingarten

Kait Pinder


French Submission Editor

Claudine Gelinas-Faucher 


Assistant Editors

Michèle Rackham Hall

Laura Cameron

Gaeby Abrahams

Zachary Abram


Contributing Editors and Support Staff

Valerie Silva 

Rebecca Suggitt

Jessica Kras


Web Personnel

J.A. Weingarten

Terry Gitersos




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